Tony Williams

In Loving Memory

Sadly, Tony passed away very suddenly earlier this year due to a heart attack.

He left his wife of 20yrs. Geraldine, four sons and a daughter, from a previous marriage, and many grandchildren.

Tony was a passionate dedicated and motivated psychotherapist who happily found meaning and purpose in life when he trained as an Adlerian therapist. He was naturally drawn to Alfred Adler, whose theories sat comfortably with his own vigorously optimistic, and humanistic view of life. He was particularly drawn to Adler`s themes of Encouragement and Social Interest. He went on to become lecture co-ordinator of the Adlerian Society for many years and was himself a lecturer and writer, mainly on the works of Alfred Adler.

He later followed a more Eclectic model and held membership of many other bodies which included the Royal Society of Medicine, the Existential Society, and registration with UKCP in 2010. Although, Tony mainly worked from home with his wife Geraldine; also a psychotherapist, he also worked in Harley Street for a time, and in St. Martin in the Fields as a group facilitator.

Voracious in his love of books, he could be found to be reading anything from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to Ellenberger’s Discovery of the Unconscious. It was not unusual to find him reading parts of three books at a time.

Tony`s final achievement and willingness to “give something back” was with UKCP when he was invited to guest edit the Spring edition of the Psychotherapist 2014. He gathered together a distinguished and original group of contributors on the theme of a Parallel Process between Psychotherapy and the Arts. He was delighted to be asked, and worked tirelessly liaising with UKCP to bring it to conclusion. Sadly, he died just as the work was ready for publication this year. It has become a fitting tribute to his legacy.

My memory of Tony is that of a unique man, complex in nature, a brilliant mind, an optimist, with great sense of humour. He saw no social divides; was not materially minded, and could be found talking just as avidly to our street cleaner as much as our mayor. A rare gift indeed. I recall a train journey we took about a year ago; beside us, was a woman reading War and Peace and opposite, a man with his son who were avid football fans. The conversation wove seamlessly between these two very different topics for just one of the five travellers. Tony, of course.

He will be remembered with much affection, especially by family and neighbours, and will be sorely missed by many, many people.

Geraldine Purcell Williams. November 2014.

Qualifications and Experience

I am a Registered UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) Psychotherapist and a BACP (APSCC) accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist. I am bound by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice, and subject to its Professional Conduct Procedure. My work is supervised as is required by the BACP, UKRCP, and other Psychological bodies I am involved with.

I trained with the Adlerian Society and Institute for Individual Psychology from 1988 / 1989 till 1991, I trained to receive my Certificate in the Theory and Practice of Individual Psychology. I then completed my Diploma was accredited to The Adlerian Society in 1993.

This approach is an Integrative system of theory and practice, and has Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioural, Existential and Humanistic aspects to it.

It is appropriate for Brief Therapy as well as Long Term Therapy.

I am a member of the Adlerian Society, Society for Existential Analysis, and the United Kingdom Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners. I am also an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Psychotherapist.

I was Vice Chairman for a period with the Adlerian Society, and Lecture Co-ordinator of their monthly lectures between 1993 - 2004.

My lecture history includes talks for organisations such as The Association for Humanistic Psychology, the London School of Economics, and The Adlerian Society.

I have co-facilitated courses and tutored on Adlerian Psychology, run workshops for Age Concern and The Parkinson’s Society. I was Group Facilitator to the staff at St Martins in the Field Social Care Unit for a period, and worked at 10 Harley Street seeing individuals and couples for over six years. I see some of my clients through some well known EAP providers and receive referrals through “word of mouth” from previous clients, and self referral.