Specialist Areas

Types of specialist areas we help with

Clients come with a variety of difficulties, and we deal with individuals who are troubled by experiences of ;

  • Anxiety, social phobias, panic attacks or problems with anger.
  • Addiction
  • Depression.
  • Difficulties with relationships, either professional or intimate.
  • Coming to terms with loss, separation, or divorce.
  • Coming to terms with a chronic or terminal illness.
  • Seeking to change direction in life.
  • Unresolved childhood issues.

Geraldine. Interpersonal Style

I like to form a collaborative relationship with my clients, and believe that the quality of the relationship is key to positive outcomes. Through acceptance and respect, trust can develop, enabling the client to look at many aspects of their lives and relationships, in a new way. I hope to enable clients to examine and understand the thoughts, behaviours or situations which are contributing to their pain, and explore options or choices with regard to change.